Can you lose one pound a day?

Most experts agree that slower weight loss is best.  Two(2) pounds a week is considered an ideal rate.  It is fast enough for the dieter to see the changes yet slow enough to not cause health hazards.  Any weight loss faster than 1/2 pound per day (3.5 pounds per week) is considered too fast and could be dangerous.

Losing "water weight" is the only way you can lose weight fast.  But, the only water weight you want to lose would be associated with the fat you are losing.  To reduce the water in the body without proportionate tissue loss causes dehydration.  This is a dangerous thing to be doing to yourself.   Thirty pounds of water is all of the water associated with over 38 pounds of body weight.  That would be an 18.8% reduction in water that the body needs.  This much water loss could cause blood pressure changes, dizziness, dark urine, a reduction in skin elasticity and many more undesirable effects.  The only way to get rid of these side effects is to put the water back.  If you do that -- what have you gained?

There are products on the market that claim to burn or block calories so the body cannot use them.  But consider this: If your body required 2800 calories to maintain it's present weight and you ate 2800 calories, this substance would have to burn up 6300 calories per day for you to lose one pound.  If you ate nothing it would still have to burn up an additional 700 calories.

We know the body goes into starvation mode (Ketosis) at approximately 600 to 700 calories per day.  What this means is the body stops using stored fat and begins using organ tissue.  In our example, you would be operating at minus 700 calories.  I would call that a hyper-starvation mode.  We know the average person can only last 30 to 40 days with no food.  How long do you think a person could last with less than no food?

Exercise, does not change the picture at all.  The body must have +700 calories every day just to stay alive.  So, to answer the question, "Can you lose one pound a day?", the answer is a clear NO! That is, unless you cut it off with a knife.


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May 5, 1998 - revised: May 13, 2007